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How Much Is Enough? C.S. Lewis’ One Rule For Generosity

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(NOTE: This article was originally published on as part of a four part series on giving to the church. Once you’ve finished reading this one, head over to Sermon Central for other great articles on church generosity!)


Working in business development for a church giving platform, I am often asked if there is a Biblical precedent for churches using digital technology to accept tithes and offerings; any scriptural evidence that “text-2-give is acceptable to the Lord? I’ll save you a concordance search: there isn’t.

In many ways, the Bible remains frustratingly vague when it comes to our most pressing questions about stewardship and generosity. This may explain why so much of our preaching about finances remains frustrating and vague.

How should we teach our people to give? How often? And how much? Do we teach that believers have to give to their home church? Or is it okay for our congregants to send money elsewhere? And what about tithing? Is that the minimum requirement for Christians or the maximum? Is it even relevant to New Covenant believers?

Over the years, many good-faith efforts have been made to answer these questions. More than a few pastors and theologians have attempted to codify the ABC’s (and $1.23s) of giving to the church. And yet, for pastors and parishioners alike, these efforts have provided little assurance. (more…)

Recording and Sharing Sermons Just Got A WHOLE Lot Easier!

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Most churches record sermons and make them available online. However, the current process of recording and publishing sermons is far from seamless. It requires extra software, sometimes extra computers or equipment and certainly extra volunteer and staff hours.

So what’s the easiest way to record and share sermons online?

With a brand new feature created by our good friends over at Proclaim! Let me tell you why.

Proclaim allows you to record, edit, and publish audio right from your presentation.

No need need to have a 3rd party application—you don’t even need to do anything to start the recording. Recording starts and stops automatically. How? Let’s take a quick look. (more…)

NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT! Or…what we did with our summer vacation.

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It’s been a busy couple of months here at Mogiv with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Lots of new faces and features to keep up with, and – while more excitement is on the horizon – we wanted to take a moment to fill you in on some of the new tools that are available for you and your organization to begin taking advantage of TODAY!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a FACEBOOK APP!

That’s right, Mogiv finally has its very own Facebook app. With this new feature, your supporters will now be able to make donations to your organization right from your Facebook page. Better still, they can do all of this with the same giving tools they’re already using on your website!

Ready to leverage Facebook as another channel for generosity? Good news. It takes all of 45 seconds to setup! THIS VIDEO will walk you through the process. You can be fundraising through Facebook by the end of the day! (more…)

5 Step To Creating A Healthy Volunteer Program

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By: Rachel Cross

Volunteers are the lifeblood of most churches. In fact, given their limited budgets and resources, many churches would find it impossible to accomplish their missions without this volunteer work force. That’s why it’s vitally important to establish and maintain a healthy volunteer program.

Here are 5 tips to do just that:

  1. Boldly share your vision.

Regularly share how your church intends to make a difference in your community, so that people know who you are and what you stand for (besides Jesus, of course). They’ll be more likely to get on board to help if they are given insight into the impact your church is making to transform lives and make disciples.

  1. Make the ask.

After casting vision, be direct. People need to be asked to help with specific volunteer positions and tasks if you want them to dedicate time out of their busy schedules. Write descriptions for each role and create volunteer flyers with the details that you can pass out on Sundays. (more…)

What’s The Deal With PayPal?

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“We were looking into a few other giving solutions, but eventually we decided to just go with PayPal.”

If you’ve ever heard or said this exact thing, than take a look around because you have LOTS of company. And it’s easy to see why.

With credit card processing fees of only 2.2% + $0.30, PayPal is still one of the cheapest giving solutions available. And, admittedly, PayPal is an fine solution for basic financial processing. If you want to electronically send money from Point A to Point B, you can’t do much better than PayPal.

But simply sending money is not all digital giving is about. What about all of the other things your church needs from your online giving platform?

  • What about flexible (and easy-to-edit) recurring giving options?
  • What about multiple giving funds to direct donations toward different ministries within your church?
  • What about a suite of admin tools and reports that will help you draw givers deeper into your community?
  • What about direct deposit of contributions?
  • What about text and mobile giving???


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