Our Story

Our Mission

Mogiv’s mission is to build productive, sustainable relationships between nonprofit organizations and their givers.

Our Vision

Mogiv’s vision is to be the digital giving platform of choice for nonprofits and churches across the globe.

About the Founders

When James Lawrence and Matt Hayes met in 2002, they quickly realized that they both shared a passion for reaching out to and helping teenagers. They joined forces to form a nonprofit outreach to teens, but learned that doing the work their organization set out to do while trying to raise funds at the same time was a nearly impossible task.

Fast forward eight years, four jobs, three companies, and seven children later the two turned their focus back to the need they had discovered many years earlier. They began a dialog around creating a technology platform that would remove the common obstacles to giving for both the giver and the nonprofit.

After 18 months of research and planning, they founded the company and developed the Mogiv Platform. The result is a powerful tool, leveraging the best communication vehicles already widely in use. And since both Lawrence and Hayes know first-hand how every penny counts to nonprofits and churches, they built a business model that doesn’t rely on set-up, subscription or support fees. Mogiv’s success is entirely dependent on the success of the organizations who take advantage of its platform.

“We live in a world of opposites - many of us enjoy a culture of abundance while more people than ever are suffering from great need and lack of resources. At Mogiv, we believe that every person can give, and that every dollar matters. Armed with mobile devices, computers and internet service, we can begin to transform this culture of abundance into a culture of generosity. It’s time to grow your giving.” – JL & MH