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“Mogiv makes giving easy for the diverse population we serve at the Rock. Our congregation can decide whether they want to text or email a gift from their seat during service, or set up monthly giving online. With Mogiv, there is no excuse for our attendees not to give!”
– Miles McPherson, Rock Church
“Since starting with Mogiv our online giving has increased substantially. We also rarely get any issues with people using Mogiv because it’s so easy to use! Our back-end finances are cleaner because there’s an auto integration between Mogiv and our management software (Fellowship One), and Mogiv’s support team is by far the best. You just don’t get this type of customer service anymore!”
– Leilani Bond, The Movement Church
“We chose Mogiv because it had text giving and because it didn’t cost a lot. The integration with Fellowship One was also a plus. Since starting with Mogiv, we have seen our electronic giving increase by 25%.”
– Dave Gargano, Road To Life Church
“Mogiv is the perfect option to get your feet wet with online giving. You can easily test it out with almost no risk to see if it works for your church. And you’ll get great support on the back end! Mogiv’s support team is constantly reaching out to make sure we have what we need, and they ALWAYS respond quickly. I love Mogiv!!!”
– Chris Mellon, Grace Baptist Church of Lancaster
“Mogiv’s excellent support staff made my job as a web manager so simple. They walked me through the entire process and had our church set up for online giving in no time. I never imagined that providing the convenience of online give for our congregation would be so simple!”
– Jason Steffen, Mountain Springs Church
“I’ve personally been doing more things with my giving through Mogiv and am so happy with how easy it is. People have come up to me to say they forgot their checkbook, but then - once they got to church - they remembered how easy it was easy to just text it in. Or they’ve told me how happy they are NOT to have to remember to bring their checkbook or cash. All of this is a big WIN for Mogiv!”
– Donna Young, Christian Life Assembly
“Mogiv was the perfect solution for our church as it offered a secure giving platform which was very easy and convenient to use for our diverse membership base. We were able to transition close to 98% of our online giving onto this new platform within a very short time period. This could not have happened with such ease and success if it were not for the professional staff and a great product that meets all of our present needs.”
– Tricia Langowski, Redeemer San Diego
“As a new author, Pastor and President of a church planting network, I needed an online giving solution. The other services I had looked at were complex, and had a bunch of catches. The team at Mogiv was up front, simple, and down to earth.”
– Peyton Jones, New Breed Church Planters
“We were using Paypal. Mogiv has cheaper fees, more giving options, WAY better customer service, and people are no longer directed away from our church’s website when giving. Since switching to Mogiv, our online giving has grown significantly and our people have more confidence now when they give online.”
– Matt McDonald, City Church - Cape Girardeau
“We are grateful for the incredible team at Mogiv. On numerous occasions they have gone out of their way to make vital and necessary changes within our system as our ministry needs have developed.”
– Dina Wessell, Impact 195
“We have received many positive comments from our members since we started using Mogiv, as well as a slight increase in our giving. I would definitely recommend Mogiv to others. It is easy to setup and modify as needed, and is simple enough that ‘non-tech’ people can use it.”
– Darren Brown, College Hills Church
“Mogiv offered an option for us to receive donations towards many specific projects which is perfect for our ministry. We also appreciate that Mogiv’s leadership and team are Godly people who are running their business with great integrity. Our reports - including information on our donors and donations - are clear and precise. Mogiv will be a tremendous resource to churches and nonprofits.”
– Richard Lawson, Loving Orphans Global
“We chose Mogiv because it is easy to use, easy to setup, and because it works! Our online giving system was archaic before, and Mogiv brought significant growth to our reccurring giving program. The multiple campaigns and recurring gifts are an especially valuable feature.”
– Josh Soukup, Riverwood Covenant Church
“Since starting with Mogiv our giving has increased tremendously. Our people really like the simplicity and the fact the can give to multiple funds from anywhere. I especially love the text giving. Because of this, I’ve already recommended Mogiv to many of my friends and many have signed on. ‘It’s the best’ is what I tell everyone I meet.”
– Eric Hallback, The Rock Faith Center
“There are several features that we like about MoGiv. First and foremost is the ability for short code text message giving and secondly the seamless integration over our different platforms, i.e. website, church app and text giving. When we rolled out Mogiv, we started capturing around $2,500 to $3,000 of new giving right away. We were seeing givers that had never given before.”
– Brian Sisneros, Living Stone Worship Center
“I would suggest that any church looking into online giving give Mogiv a try. They do exactly what they say they will do and will take the time to train your staff and walk you through the process. Since starting with Mogiv, our giving has increased, and we are now getting the tithes that we were missing due to cancelled services and vacation plans.”
– Jeff Harris, Blairland Baptist Church
“Giving has gone up significantly since we started with Mogiv. We began with 0 online givers, and have quickly grown past the 100 mark. The two things I value most are ease of use for me behind the scenes, and ease of use for those giving through the software.”
– David Hopper, Valley Friends Church
“This is our first experience with online giving and Mogiv has been steadily helping us build our donor base. They are reasonably priced and have excellent customer service. Any nonprofits who are researching online donor systems should definitely check out Mogiv.”
– Ginger Stark, Spirit West Coast

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