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Get Free Media From Our Friends At Proclaim Church Presentation Software

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Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? That means what you put on the screen at church matters. That’s why every month, Proclaim Church Presentation Software gives away three free pieces of media to help ministries communicate their message in a visually compelling way. These monthly freebies often include beautiful sermon-starter videos, motion backgrounds, sermon artwork, and much more.

This month Proclaim is excited to give away 3 Father’s Day themed Bible verse animations. These original videos bring the Word to life and are as unique as the verses they were inspired by. Use them in your pre-service loop to set the tone for your Father’s Day service or as bumper videos to kick-start your message. The options are endless!

Download these Bible verse animations today, and get new media sent right to your inbox every month—absolutely free.

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Try Proclaim for Free

Proclaim Church Presentation Software allows you to collaborate with your team from wherever they work best. No more emailing large files or fumbling with flash drives. Best of all, it connects with many of the tools you already use, like Planning Center Online, CCLI SongSelect, and Graceway Media. Try it for free at And now, you get 30 days of Pro Media for free too!


Give Your Church Permission To Say “No”

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By: Ted Vaughn

(Note: This is our second post on church strategy and branding from Ted Vaughn. CLICK HERE to see the first one – about why your church needs to stop trying to reach everyone.)

Most every church has a mission, vision, and/or purpose statement. The best of these statements inspire and give high level perspective on why the church exists. They motivate and compel their members to action. Below is a great example from a local church I recently worked with:

“We exist to help move people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and we are a community of believers who love God and others, look for ways to express and deepen our faith, and proclaim hope to the world and this community.”

I love this statement. Phrases like “love God” and “proclaim hope” are very inspiring and motivating. They are also broad statements that could potentially encompass myriad ministries, staff decisions, events, programs, and resources. (more…)

Time Is Money

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By: Russ Cantu

Picture this: you get off work late. Everyone is exhausted, nothing is defrosted, and no one wants to cook. You pile everyone into the van and head to your favorite fast food joint. You pile out of the car, get in line, order your food, and find a table. There you wait at the table for your food – ten, fifteen, twenty minutes go by. By now, everyone is grumbling around the table. The kids are bouncing off the walls; coloring books are not working, and one of them is starting to cry.

You go up to the counter, and ask to speak with a manager. When he arrives, the manager turns around, finds your order, and hands it to you on a tray. The food is cold. You hang your head and the family plows through the food, grateful to finally be eating. You pack up the van and head back to the house, declaring out loud, “We will never, ever, ever, eat there again.”

Time is precious. We only have so much of it in a given day, week, lifetime. That’s why little hiccups like these can so dramatically impact our minds and emotions. This is especially true on church websites where attention spans are measured in nano-seconds. (more…)

Your Church Needs To Stop Trying To Reach EVERYONE

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By: Ted Vaughn

As a trusted partner to many churches, I often hear the following, “our church serves EVERYONE; our doors are open to ALL; our ministries serve CRADLE TO GRAVE.” I love the heart and passion behind these words…and I do not doubt for one second the pure motive and intention. Unfortunately, limited resources often call into the question the viability of this ministry paradigm. After all, how can any one organization possibly reach, with effectiveness, EVERYONE?

Many of my clients are struggling through this question today. They want their church to be seen as a trusted brand where anyone and everyone in the community can find a home. They also realize that, by definition, their local church exists PRIMARILY for it’s NON-MEMBERS; those not reached yet. And even that audience (non-members) is of a size and scope too large for any single church to entirely reach. Which begs the fundamental question I help churches think through: “Who, outside of your existing membership, has God best positioned you to reach?” Because you cannot – you will not – reach all of them. No brand can reach everybody….not even Apple (this is hard to admit). (more…)

Mogiv and Proclaim – Better Together

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A quick glance at the “Recent Posts” column to the right makes one thing immediately obvious: we talk a lot about giving on this blog! And it’s not hard to figure out why. It’d be silly to call ourselves “Mogiv” if we weren’t passionate about mobile and online giving.

It also doesn’t hurt that we have so much to brag about! With Mogiv’s embedded giving forms, integrated mobile giving, and endless campaign options, we believe that we have created the most effective digital giving solution for the church and we want to shout about it from the rooftops!

BUT…we also understand that churches do not live on giving alone. There are dozens of tools and resources you require on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to make your church run. While we can’t provide all of these tools for you, we want to help direct you in the right direction whenever and wherever we can.

With that in mind, we want to let you know about a brand new integration we’ve just completed with Proclaim Church Presentation Software. (more…)

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