MoGiv’s New Giving Portal: Q&A for Reports and Deposits

Written by Valerie Russell, Filed under New Updates, Online Giving.

With MoGiv’s new giving portal, admin burden is reduced because you have more flexibility when managing reports and deposits. The updated reporting system is robust, and admins can choose from more options than before. These updates are designed to help with budgeting and forecasting so you can streamline your finances. 

To give you a better understanding of what you can expect when you upgrade to MoGiv’s new giving portal, here are a few questions answered about reports and deposits.  

What deposit changes can be expected?

With the new giving portal, you have the option for gross, net, or manual batches to be deposited. The old platform only offers gross deposits. Now, you can choose the option that works for your organization’s specific needs.

What’s different about reporting features?

With the old portal, you access a basic reporting system and we wanted to enhance that for our customers. The new platform has robust reporting features, so you can clearly see all the transactions that make up a batch deposit. You have a variety of customizable donation reports to choose from by date range and person. 

Plus, you can capture a birds-eye-view of giving from your dashboard.

Will transactions change for donors?

Yes, transactions have also been improved for donors. Rather than only being able to give to one fund at a time, they can give to multiple funds in one transaction. By giving to more than one fund in a single transaction, donors save time and your organization saves money on fees.

Where can I get more information about reporting and deposits?

Check out for TONS of helpful articles and resources! Be sure to click the tab “New Giving Portal Docs” on the main menu for a list of tutorials on the updated platform.  

These are just a few enhancements of reports and deposits. Check us out next week to learn more! If you have questions, reach out to


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