What’s The Deal With PayPal?

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“We were looking into a few other giving solutions, but eventually we decided to just go with PayPal.”

If you’ve ever heard or said this exact thing, than take a look around because you have LOTS of company. And it’s easy to see why.

With credit card processing fees of only 2.2% + $0.30, PayPal is still one of the cheapest giving solutions available. And, admittedly, PayPal is an fine solution for basic financial processing. If you want to electronically send money from Point A to Point B, you can’t do much better than PayPal.

But simply sending money is not all digital giving is about. What about all of the other things your church needs from your online giving platform?

  • What about flexible (and easy-to-edit) recurring giving options?
  • What about multiple giving funds to direct donations toward different ministries within your church?
  • What about a suite of admin tools and reports that will help you draw givers deeper into your community?
  • What about direct deposit of contributions?
  • What about text and mobile giving???

For these church-specific functions, you will be much better served by a platform built with your church’s needs in mind.

Another challenge with PayPal is the fact that their “Donate” button forces givers to redirect over to PayPal’s online portal to finish their gifts. Not only does this result in lost site traffic and lost messaging opportunities, it could result in lost donations as well! A recent study revealed that givers are 31% more likely to create a recurring gift on a branded giving page as opposed to a generic one. Embedding the giving tools directly onto your church’s website not only looks better, it works better as well!

Finally, but no less importantly, is the question of customer support. Personal service is an essential component of your online giving platform. You can’t afford to have downtime or delayed responses to giver requests. You need more than a technology provider, you need a stewardship partner who is going to help you make digital giving an essential part of your church’s culture.

This level of personal attention is FAR more valuable than the few dollars that PayPal saves you on your processing every month.

PayPal is a popular, trusted platform, but is it the right platform for your church? Not necessarily. Especially when so much more is available for roughly the same price, it is worth your time to at least shop around before making a final decision.

In fact, you can start right now! If you have a few minutes, CLICK HERE to learn more about what Mogiv is doing for hundreds of churches across the country each and every month. Here’s one of them…

“We were using Paypal. Mogiv has cheaper fees, more giving options, WAY better customer service, and people are no longer directed away from our church’s website when giving. Since switching to Mogiv, our online giving has grown significantly and our people have more confidence now when they give online.” ~ Matt McDonald, City Church Cape Girardeau


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