Recording and Sharing Sermons Just Got A WHOLE Lot Easier!

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Most churches record sermons and make them available online. However, the current process of recording and publishing sermons is far from seamless. It requires extra software, sometimes extra computers or equipment and certainly extra volunteer and staff hours.

So what’s the easiest way to record and share sermons online?

With a brand new feature created by our good friends over at Proclaim! Let me tell you why.

Proclaim allows you to record, edit, and publish audio right from your presentation.

No need need to have a 3rd party application—you don’t even need to do anything to start the recording. Recording starts and stops automatically. How? Let’s take a quick look.


Proclaim allows you to add start and stop recording cues directly into your order of service. With the cues in place, the recording starts and stops automatically as you advance through slides. No more forgetting to start the recording! Want to just record the sermon? Set up the cues around the sermon slides. Want to record the audio for the sermon and a section of the announcements, but omit the meet and greet section? You can! Simply set up multiple cues throughout your service and Proclaim will automatically record as many sections of your service as you need.

Instant publishing and sharing

Proclaim makes sharing sermons so easy it’s ridiculous. When your service is over, the program prompts you to publish your sermon. You can add a title, describe the message for your audience, and trim any unwanted audio without ever leaving Proclaim. With a click, you can upload the sermon to your church Faithlife group, share it on social channels, or send it to iTunes. You can also embed to a widget on your church website which will automatically update to show the latest sermon as soon as it’s published. And here’s the best part: the sermon you just uploaded is more than just audio. It’s audio with the corresponding slides from the presentation! Your pastor spends time making slides each week, they contain valuable information. Don’t let them just end up in the recycle bin.

Soundfaith Beta

If you’re wondering how sermons will be hosted, the answer is SoundFaith.

SoundFaith is currently in beta and only offers basic functionality for storing your published sermons. In the future, it will be a searchable sermon archive, aggregating content from Proclaim, Logos Bible Software, and other sources. Soundfaith will become the place your pastor comes to look for inspiration and even research.

How can I try it?

Start a 30-day free trial—no credit card required. Just download the app, sign in, and try it for yourself. Recording and publishing sermons just got easier.

Start my free 30-day trial.



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