5 Money-Saving Features of MoGiv’s New Giving Portal

Written by Valerie Russell, Filed under New Updates, Online Giving.

At MoGiv, we built money-saving features right into our new platform. While our mission is to help organizations and churches increase giving, we also want you to save money to put towards your vision. Check out 5 money-saving features you’ll get to enjoy when upgrading to the new giving portal and how to make the most of them.

1. Convenience fees

One reason people give is that they’re passionate about your mission. But, they don’t often consider those small expenses your organization absorbs. That’s where convenience fees come in! Convenience fees can be used to help cover processing fees, shipping costs, and more.

Add convenience fees to any form, whether it’s for selling mugs or giving to a special fund. You decide whether this fee is optional or required. You also select whether you want the fee to be a percentage of the gift or flat dollar amount. Here’s a quick tutorial if you want to learn more about convenience fees. 

2. Single transaction giving for multiple funds

The new giving portal lets people donate to multiple funds in a single transaction. This feature saves money because donors are only charged one transaction fee when giving to numerous funds rather than a separate fee per gift.

3. Virtual terminal

The Virtual Terminal allows you to give on behalf of the donor. Some people prefer the convenience of filling out their gift information on a paper form and having the admin complete the transaction. 

Without this option, you could be losing out on gifts or more substantial contributions because people are limited to giving the cash in their wallet. Plus, the Virtual Terminal is accessible for credit cards and ACH donations. ACH donations have a lower processing rate, so you’ll see savings when this option is selected. 

4. Recurring giving options

While recurring giving doesn’t necessarily save money, it does increase consistent donations. This helps your organization stay within budget, avoid overspending, and better forecast for future missions. 

With the new giving portal, donors can make gifts recurring via text or online. Plus, the recurring giving option is more visible to donors. All you have to do is enable recurring giving when building a form, and the “Make this Gift Recurring” box will appear when the form loads. 

5. PCI compliance

There’s no $19.95 a month PCI non-compliance fee with the new giving platform. Before, we partnered with a reputable and secure third party to handle compliance. Now, we’ve taken that role internally to help you save money and enhance security measures as needed. We’re a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider and adhere to the highest standards in the payment card industry.

These are just a few money-saving features you’ll access with MoGiv’s new giving portal! If you have questions or want to learn more, reach out to premier@givinghelpdesk.com.


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