Mogiv Case Study: Blairland Baptist Church

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If you’ve been reading The Mogiv Minute for more than…a minute, you’ve probably heard us saying some pretty outlandish things about our giving platform.

  • Mogiv will make it easier for people to give to your organization online!
  • Mogiv will increase your OVERALL giving each month!!
  • People will start giving to your organization who have never given before!!!
  • All aspects of your life will just generally be better once you sign up with Mogiv!!!!

You’d be forgiven for regarding these claims a bit skeptically. The Internet is filled with dubious and overly enthusiastic claims. From the “!!!!” ridden headlines lining my social media accounts, it seems sometimes like every cheesy car dealership commercial I’ve ever seen has been uploaded directly to my computer. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same.

And besides, it’s not as if Mogiv is an un-biased source either. Of course we think Mogiv is fantastic! We built it! 🙂

So that’s why we’re asking you to NOT take our word for it. Whenever we can, we want to share with you what actual users are actually saying about Mogiv. This is why we’ve included customer quotes on our homepage, and lengthier testimonials on our Customer Spotlight page. It’s also why we have created profiles on various software review websites – like Capterra and Software Advice.

Our desire for transparency is why I’m writing this post today. Because I want you to know that when we say things like “Mogiv can increase your overall giving by 15% or more!” we’re not just pulling those numbers out of thin air. We’re confident in our platform, because we’ve seen the transformative impact our tools have had at hundreds of churches around the country.

Churches like Blairland Baptist Church in Loudon, TN.

I am using Blairland Baptist as my example today because I imagine they might be similar to your church. Or to a church you know. They’re not a fancy mega-church with a big staff and lots of tech resources. They’re not some ultra-hip church plant comparing cross tattoos in the back of a coffee roastery. They’re an established, multi-generational church with about 350 in weekend attendance.

In short: they’re as close to a representative sample as I could find. And what they “represent” is a great example of what’s possible through Mogiv. But don’t take my word for it! Here’s their story…

The Problem

(aka: What was life like before Mogiv came along?)

We were not offering an online giving option. We felt there was a need to tap into the movement toward social media so we updated our website, and with that improvement we thought it was imperative that we offered online giving for our current givers plus new members we were trying to reach.

The Process

(aka: What led you to pick Mogiv as your giving solution?)

Mogiv’s excellent customer support plus their policy of no annual or startup fees were the clinchers for us. It was also important to us that they had experience working with church budgets.

The Proof

(aka: What has happened since you added Mogiv as a giving option?)

Our giving has increased and we are now getting the tithes that we were missing due to cancelled services and vacation plans.

  • Increase in overall giving: 15%
  • Increase in online giving (from 2014 – 2015): 43%
  • Brand new givers each month: 10

The Plug!

(aka: Anything else you’d like to add about Mogiv?)

I would suggest that any church looking into online giving give Mogiv a try. They do exactly what they say they will do, and they will take the time to train your staff and walk you through the process. It has been an overwhelming success for our congregation.


We would LOVE for you to be able to say the same things about generosity at your church. Send us an email ( or give us a call (877) 204-6367 and let’s start the conversation today!

Click Here to download a shareable version of the Case Study included in this post.


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