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While The Mogiv Minute remains the best site on the web for all of your Mogiv-related news and updates, it is no longer the only place! We’ve been honored in the past several months to see some of our very own content (and customers!) featured on some of the most popular church tech sites on the web.

While we keep pretty close tabs on every single like, share, mention, and retweet of Mogiv, we’re guessing that most of you likely do not do the same. (Why on earth not??) So, to save you a Google search or two, we’ve compiled our “greatest hits” for you right here. It’s your one-stop-shop for all of the latest “who’s”, “how’s”, and “why’s” behind online and mobile giving! If you have a few extra minutes, be sure to poke around on the sites below. They are chock full of resources for churches of all shapes and sizes.

4 Myths About Online Giving –

So many of the objections to online giving are not actually objections at all. They’re simple misunderstandings (or “myths”) about the nature, benefits, and costs of online giving. This article – featured last month on, a leading church tech + creative blog – addresses some of those myths and explains why pastors need to start taking online giving seriously.

Online Giving: Pass The Wifi – Ministry Today Magazine

Still wondering what all the fuss is about with digital giving? This article has some great stats and success stories, that should put to rest the question of “do we need it?” (Here’s one of my favorites: 20% of people surveyed carry less than $20.00 in cash on their person.) If that doesn’t shout “we need a better way to give!” I don’t know what will. Better still, the article includes two case studies about churches who have seen some amazing results since they stated using Mogiv. We’d love for you to be next!

3 Reasons Your Church Can No Longer Afford To NOT Offer Online Giving – Orange Leaders Blog

The time has come for pastors and church leaders to reshape their conversations around the “costs” of online giving. With so many elder boards and deacon teams weighing whether or not their church can afford to add a digital giving option in 2015, the conversation needs to change. The question is not can your church afford online giving. The question is can you afford to NOT have it. This article provides three reasons why.

5 Mistakes Churches Make With Their Online Giving – Church Executive Blog

In my years at Mogiv, I’ve seen it all. The good, the bad, and the VERY ugly. This article catalogs the five most “cringe-worthy” mistakes I see churches make with their digital giving strategies. Whatever your church is doing right, if you can avoid doing these five things wrong, you’ll be well on your way to online giving success!

Inspired Mobility: Using Technology to Uplift and Inspire

One of our customers has done such a great job of leveraging mobile technology at their church that they were featured last summer in a campaign by a company that knows a thing or two about mobile technology: AT&T. Per AT&T’s website, their “Inspired Mobility” campaign is meant to start “a national conversation about the cultural shift in how people use mobile and Internet technology to enhance their faith experience.” It doesn’t take long to see why Concord Church was selected as the subject of the campaign.

And, for good measure, HERE is a link to a podcast we recorded with Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools. 45 minutes of banter about generosity, giving trends, mobile web, and all manner of other exciting and essential topics. (Including the genesis of Mogiv’s name.) Check it out!


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