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2015: The Year Of Online Giving

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The Internet has been many things over the past two decades. At first it was a novelty. Then it was a super highway, a boom, a bubble, a bust, and a new frontier. Along the way, it became wireless, social, lightning fast, and mobile. And now, as we start another year, it has become a few other things as well. Indispensable. Ubiquitous. Inescapable. As essential to our daily lives as automobiles and electricity.

And yet despite all of this, many churches continue to treat the Internet as if it is a fad or inessential luxury. This is especially true when it comes to engaging with online and mobile giving tools.

Despite the fact that less than 7% of transactions in the United States are conducted via cash and check, over 75% of American churches still do not offer any form of online giving. That’s right. Three out of every four churches in America are staking their financial health on the hope that their members will give consistently using payment methods they only use 7% of the time. In 2015!

If this describes your church – if you and your team have relegated digital giving to a “we’ll get to it one of these days” type of conversation – then I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to make 2015 “one of those days.” Make 2015 the year you take online and mobile stewardship seriously. (more…)

The Power Of Scheduled Giving: Turn Your “Tippers” Into Regular Givers

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We called them “tippers” at my church. Whatever name they go by at your church, you’ll know right away who I’m talking about.

“Tippers” are among the most consistent givers at any church. Ironically, they’re also among the most unreliable. That’s because the amount of their giving is determined not by their heart (or even by their bank account), but instead by what happens to be in their wallet on a given Sunday.

It’s $5.00 one week, a fistful of singles the next. They may dig deep for a $10.00 or a $20.00 on a special Sunday, but they’re just as likely to miss the offering completely the following week. (more…)

The Problem With Young Givers – Technological or Psychological?

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“We have young people at our church, but most of them give inconsistently or not at all.”

Have you ever heard or said this at your church?  Join the club.  Figuring out how to encourage consistent giving among young churchgoers is not a new challenge, but it is certainly a common one.

Enter the Millennial Impact Project, a research group that helps organizations better engage with the Millennial Generation (i.e. people born from 1979 – 1994).  Here are a few key findings from last year’s report:

83% of Millennial respondents said they gave a gift to a nonprofit organization last year

-84% of Millennials said they prefer to give on a website, while giving in person came in a distant second with 48%

-52% of Millennial respondents say they’d be interested in monthly giving

These statistics are encouraging because they point to a solution that is technological as opposed to psychological or spiritual. The problem with your young givers is not that they are poor, selfish, or disinterested; it is simply that you may not have the right tools in place to collect their gifts.

Think about it. When was the last time you saw a 20-24 year old with a checkbook?  Conversely, when was the last time you saw that same person without their phone?  Millennials are already shopping, socializing, and going to school on the Internet and via their smartphones.  Why not provide a way for them to give back to The Lord through those channels as well?

If you think mobile and online giving might be a path to connecting with your young givers, we would love to hear from you! Our intuitive online giving form makes it possible to create a monthly gift in under 60 seconds. Our text giving option allows attendees – especially twenty-somethings who have never used a checkbook – to text in tithes and offerings right from their seat. Feel free to contact us at info@mogiv.com or at (760) 205-1165 to learn more about these and other solutions.

(NOTE: While technology and internet usage is commonly regarded as the realm of the young, your twenty-­somethings are not the only ones who will find value in an online giving option. A recent study of “mature givers” revealed that 47% of donors over the age of 60 gave a gift online last year.)

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