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From The Mouths Of Millennials: What’s A Check???

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One of the most frequently cited and widely used reasons for the rapid growth of digital giving over the past decade is the proportionate decline in checks during that time.

And the trend continues! In fact, according to one report, we are on pace to write our final check sometime in the year 2021. A mere six years away!

Nowhere is this “check-less” trend more prevalent than with Millennials, 20% of whom have never written a check in their life. There are piles and piles of statistics to back this up (like these), but – for today – I thought we’d forego stats and focus on some good, old-fashioned anecdotal evidence. (It is election season after all.) (more…)

What do 61% of your young givers HATE doing? Find out!

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If there has ever been a generation in need of a good PR campaign, it must be The Millennials (i.e. people born from 1979 – 1994).

They’re lazy! They’re selfish! They’re narcissistic! They’re addicted to their phones!

Spend a few minutes on the Internet or on cable TV and you’re sure to come across a talking head rambling on about how concerned we should all be about humanity’s future once The Millennials take over. This hand wringing often spills over to church offices where engaging with twenty-something givers often seems an increasingly impossible task.

Perhaps this is a challenge you’re familiar with? (more…)


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