Don’t Just Ask People To Give…Ask Them To GivUp!!

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Sometimes, when I talk about the feature of Mogiv that I want to tell you about today, it’s hard for me to not lapse into my cheesy “infomercial” voice.

“Are you tired of stagnant giving and unengaged givers? Have you tried everything you can think of to increase giving to your church with NO LUCK?? Well thank your lucky stars, because your ship has come in! Don’t stress about giving…GivUp!!

Give up? No, no, no…not “give up” as in “quit.” I’m talking about “GivUp” as in the unique tool offered by Mogiv that lets you encourage your congregation toward sacrificial giving in a way that is both interactive and fun. Here’s how it works:

  • ASK: You ask your congregation to think of something they spend money on every week that they could probably do without. It could be something small like a latte or a movie, or it could be something slightly larger like a dinner out or a round of golf. Whatever it is, we all have something that we could do without. Something we could “GivUp.” Why not give it up for The Lord?
  • TEXT: You ask your congregation to simply send a text message to your church’s unique “giving address” with the item they’d like to give up and the amount they typically spend on that item. (e.g. text “latte 5.50” to They’ll receive a link to complete their gift, and – just like that! – your church will receive both a donation and a list of every day items that your members have sacrificed for the Kingdom.
  • SHARE: This list can then be shared on the next Sunday morning to create even more excitement around giving! Think about the positive momentum you could create as you leverage the sacrificial actions of your congregation from one week to the next!

We talk a lot in our churches about the importance of stewarding our resources and “giving out of our abundance.” Well why not provide a way for your members to do so quickly, safely, and conveniently, right from their mobile devices? And best of all, GivUp is available with every Mogiv account at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Click HERE to read a case study about the impact GivUp made in one of our churches. From spa weekends to breakfast burritos to golf outings to new wardrobes, it was incredible to see what one congregation was able to “give up” for the Lord!

We’d love to unlock the same giving potential at your church. GO HERE to learn how.


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