4 Resolutions That Should Be On Your Church’s List For 2016

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Huzzah! Another New Year begins. New calendars. New seasons. New starts. And – of course – new goals!

My wife and I were on a jog last week and we decided to use that time as an opportunity to go over our 2016 goals. We tried to think of at least one for five key categories (aka The Five ‘F’s’): Family, Friends, Faith, Finance, and Fitness.

Most of the ones we came up with will be familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in calendar- based resolutions. Run two half-marathons. Save a chunk of money for our first house. Get plugged into a small group at our new church. All the staples. haha.

What we lacked in creativity, we tried to make up for with specificity. By picking measurable activities and goals, we’re hoping to have more success this year than we have in the past with our more general resolutions. (e.g. Get into shape! Make some new friends! Eat less(ish) candy! etc.)

Maybe you have some resolutions you’re working toward in your own life. Or maybe you’ve got some goals that you’d love to see your church accomplish in 2016. Expanded ministries? New outreach opportunities? Maybe adding an additional service or breaking ground on a new facility? The opportunities are endless.

Or what about these?

  • Create opportunities for more members and regular attendees to give back to the church financially. Especially those under the age of 30.
  • Stabilize the annual peaks and valleys in monthly giving.
  • Ease the strain on the finance team by automating some of your bookkeeping processes.
  • Find a fast, easy, and secure mobile giving platform that people will actually use!

If any of those sound familiar, I’d love to talk more! Mogiv is THE online and mobile solution for the church. Created by church leaders, for church leaders Mogiv was built to streamline (and supercharge!) generosity at your church. And we’re already doing just that at 100s of churches across the country!

We’d love to do the same for YOUR church in 2016 and beyond. Click below to request a free demo. Let’s resolve to make 2016 your church’s best year yet!

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