Mogiv In The The News (Part 2)

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Time for another round-up of the Mogiv-related posts, articles, and mentions!

While we keep pretty close tabs on every single like, share, mention, and retweet of Mogiv, we’re guessing that most of you likely do not do the same. (Why on earth not??) So, to save you a Google search or two, we’ve compiled our “greatest hits” for you right here. It’s your one-stop-shop for all of the latest “who’s”, “how’s”, and “why’s” behind online and mobile giving! If you have a few extra minutes, be sure to poke around on the sites below. They are chock full of resources for churches of all shapes and sizes.

7 Things Online Giving Can Do For Your Church (

Wondering what all the fuss is about with online giving? This article provides a quick breakdown of the many benefits digital giving can offer churches. Reduced overhead costs. Decreased seasonal dips in giving. Increased generosity younger members. The benefits of online giving are numerous! This article lists off a few of “The Biggies.”

Review of Mogiv From Church Mag (

We’re pretty convinced that Mogiv is – without question – the best giving solution available for pastors and church leaders. And we’re not the only ones who think so! The tech experts over at seem to agree. Here’s one soundbite I’m especially fond of:

Q&A of Mogiv From ChurchTechToday (

Just the basics! Don’t let the details get lost in the noise. If you’re just looking for the bare bones (what, where, why, how, and – most importantly – how much) about Mogiv, than this article is for you!

Getting Leadership Buy-In From Church Mag (

Another great post up for broad consumption on Are you working with a pastor, treasurer, or elder board who still on the fence about online giving? Forward this article to them! It’s chalk full of stats, evidence, and stories of online giving success that serve as “ammo” for your cause!


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