30 Minutes Of Generosity Goodness!

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What happens when 4 dudes get together in a hotel room to talk about generosity? THIS!!

Earlier this month, Kent Woodyard, Mogiv’s Director of Business Development, fled the Midwest to attend Exponential West, a conference for pastors and church planters in Irvine, CA. While there, Kent took a break from the sessions and the sunshine to meet-up with some friends to talk about generosity. The cameras caught everything on tape, and we want to share that tape with you!

“Generosity” is a pretty broad topic so it’s no surprise that it ended up being a broad conversation covering everything from church cultural concerns to examples of pastors modeling sacrificial generosity to stories of how generosity can serve as a gateway for The Gospel. 

Joining Kent in this conversation were some of our very favorite pastors and partners.

  • Russ Cantu, church planter and Founder of Catalyst Church Creative. (He’s the guy on the left.)
  • David Limiero, Strategic Services Executive at STADIA. (He comes in at the 8:30 mark.)
  • Ron Klabunde, church planter and President of Generosity Feeds. (He comes in at 20:30 mark.)


Every church is different. Generosity never looks the same from one community to the next. What are some things you’ve seen or experienced at YOUR church that other churches could borrow? Share them with us in the comments!


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