Time Is Money

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By: Russ Cantu

Picture this: you get off work late. Everyone is exhausted, nothing is defrosted, and no one wants to cook. You pile everyone into the van and head to your favorite fast food joint. You pile out of the car, get in line, order your food, and find a table. There you wait at the table for your food – ten, fifteen, twenty minutes go by. By now, everyone is grumbling around the table. The kids are bouncing off the walls; coloring books are not working, and one of them is starting to cry.

You go up to the counter, and ask to speak with a manager. When he arrives, the manager turns around, finds your order, and hands it to you on a tray. The food is cold. You hang your head and the family plows through the food, grateful to finally be eating. You pack up the van and head back to the house, declaring out loud, “We will never, ever, ever, eat there again.”

Time is precious. We only have so much of it in a given day, week, lifetime. That’s why little hiccups like these can so dramatically impact our minds and emotions. This is especially true on church websites where attention spans are measured in nano-seconds.

As a church, one of the most important things you can do for your people is make the giving process as simple as possible. The best churches have figured out a way for people to give in 30 seconds or less. If you can get someone to your website, have them complete the giving form, and get them to submit their contribution in under 30 seconds, they are MUCH more likely to give again. Or, better still, to set-up recurring giving. If your process takes longer than 30 seconds, chances are they will get fed up with the process, and never make it to the end.

Do a quick audit of your giving process and ask yourself what you can be doing to make life easier for your givers.

At Catalyst Church Creative, we leverage Mogiv across all our church websites. When we integrate with Mogiv:

  • Our customers’ giving forms are 100% embeddable and secure.
  • Our customers’ members stay on their website, allowing for a “stickier” giving experience.
  • The giving process takes less than 30 seconds. Giving increases, and everyone is happy.

As a church, your job is to make it simple for your people to take the next step. As a design firm, we do that best when we use Mogiv. Put simply, no one else does what they do to help your church, your people, and you give simply and securely online.

Is your giving process lacking? Let us help you kick it up a notch!

Catalyst Church Creative is a growing design house specializing in storytelling through digital and print mediums.  They help people and organizations tell their story. They build brands. They develop websites. They create campaigns. They shape stories, so you can work on delivering them. After all, no one else can be you, but you. Find them online: http://catalystchurchcreative.com/. Or on Twitter: @catalysttalk.


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