eBOOK: 10 Things You Should Know About Online Giving

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While we don’t typically make a habit of sharing content created by our competitors, the “10 Things You Should Know About Online Giving” eBook produced by ServiceU is too good to keep to ourselves.

In only 13 pages, this resource succinctly addresses many of the most common objections to online giving, while also making a compelling case that online and mobile channels represent the future of giving to the church.

The entire document is certainly worth your time, but, if you’re looking for just the high points, below are a few especially insightful selections.

“It’s amazing that so many churches continue to resist the online, digital revolution taking place. It’s as if the pastor or church doesn’t acknowledge it, then it’s not happening or not true. So many church leaders fall into the trap of thinking that if they don’t use the internet for these things, then the people in the pew don’t either.”

“The role of the church should be to facilitate the spiritual formation process that fosters a discipline of faithful giving. Churches should not dictate how members give. More and more churches are adding multiple ways members can give based on their habits, not the person in the pulpit.”

“Just like you still have to remind people about service times, special events, and specific missions giving opportunities, you’ll need to remind your congregation about online giving regularly. The good news is that giving online is easy; it’s remembering that everyone needs to be reminded that can be difficult. It won’t be long before it becomes a natural part of your encouragement to give.”

“Online giving is a rapidly growing giving channel for the person in the pew, but it’s not a magic bullet. Leaders must still be strategic about implementation, adoption, and promotion for online giving to become an essential part of the funding model.”

And, of course, be sure to check out our own eBook, “4 Things Every Pastor Should Know About Online Giving


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