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The 5 Things Every Self-Respecting Church Giving Platform Should Include

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Let’s face it: you didn’t get into ministry because you loved talking about finances.

This is especially true when it comes to the ever-evolving world of online and mobile giving. You’ve probably heard that digital giving is something your church needs, but – with so many pressing concerns demanding your constant attention – when will you ever find the time to do the necessary research?

We get it. Giving technology is our passion, but it certainly isn’t (and shouldn’t be) yours!

So let’s cut out the clutter and focus on the basics. Let’s talk about The 5 Things Any Self-Respecting Church Giving Platform Should Include. Consider these your “online giving Spark Notes.” If your giving platform does a good job with these five things, you’ll already be head and shoulders above the rest.

1) Recurring Giving – This one comes up a lot, but with good reason. The ability to automate weekly and monthly donations is the #1 benefit online giving can provide your church. The easier and more flexible your platform makes this process, the better. (more…)


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