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What’s The Deal With PayPal?

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“We were looking into a few other giving solutions, but eventually we decided to just go with PayPal.”

If you’ve ever heard or said this exact thing, than take a look around because you have LOTS of company. And it’s easy to see why.

With credit card processing fees of only 2.2% + $0.30, PayPal is still one of the cheapest giving solutions available. And, admittedly, PayPal is an fine solution for basic financial processing. If you want to electronically send money from Point A to Point B, you can’t do much better than PayPal.

But simply sending money is not all digital giving is about. What about all of the other things your church needs from your online giving platform?

  • What about flexible (and easy-to-edit) recurring giving options?
  • What about multiple giving funds to direct donations toward different ministries within your church?
  • What about a suite of admin tools and reports that will help you draw givers deeper into your community?
  • What about direct deposit of contributions?
  • What about text and mobile giving???


Mogiv In The News

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While The Mogiv Minute remains the best site on the web for all of your Mogiv-related news and updates, it is no longer the only place! We’ve been honored in the past several months to see some of our very own content (and customers!) featured on some of the most popular church tech sites on the web.

While we keep pretty close tabs on every single like, share, mention, and retweet of Mogiv, we’re guessing that most of you likely do not do the same. (Why on earth not??) So, to save you a Google search or two, we’ve compiled our “greatest hits” for you right here. It’s your one-stop-shop for all of the latest “who’s”, “how’s”, and “why’s” behind online and mobile giving! If you have a few extra minutes, be sure to poke around on the sites below. They are chock full of resources for churches of all shapes and sizes.

4 Myths About Online Giving – ChurchM.ag

So many of the objections to online giving are not actually objections at all. They’re simple misunderstandings (or “myths”) about the nature, benefits, and costs of online giving. This article – featured last month on ChurchM.ag, a leading church tech + creative blog – addresses some of those myths and explains why pastors need to start taking online giving seriously. (more…)

Time Is Money

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By: Russ Cantu

Picture this: you get off work late. Everyone is exhausted, nothing is defrosted, and no one wants to cook. You pile everyone into the van and head to your favorite fast food joint. You pile out of the car, get in line, order your food, and find a table. There you wait at the table for your food – ten, fifteen, twenty minutes go by. By now, everyone is grumbling around the table. The kids are bouncing off the walls; coloring books are not working, and one of them is starting to cry.

You go up to the counter, and ask to speak with a manager. When he arrives, the manager turns around, finds your order, and hands it to you on a tray. The food is cold. You hang your head and the family plows through the food, grateful to finally be eating. You pack up the van and head back to the house, declaring out loud, “We will never, ever, ever, eat there again.”

Time is precious. We only have so much of it in a given day, week, lifetime. That’s why little hiccups like these can so dramatically impact our minds and emotions. This is especially true on church websites where attention spans are measured in nano-seconds. (more…)

Online Giving: One Giver’s Story

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Can I tell you a quick story? It’s a story about giving. More specifically, it’s about a giver. Even more specifically, it’s about me.

It was late 2010, and – for what seemed like the 50th week in a row – my pockets were empty as I watched the offering plate come down my row. If it was a good week, maybe I’d have $10.00 I could toss in. More likely, though, I just let the plate pass by while making silent promises to do better next week. But then next week came, and…well…you can probably guess how that turned out.

It’s not that I didn’t want to give. It’s just that I – like so many of my peers – was still figuring out how to manage bills, student loans, savings, and a social life. All too often, it was my giving that got shortchanged. On top of that, I never carried cash, and I hadn’t seen my checkbook since college! So my giving habits ended up being determined by “whatever I have leftover.” This was hardly the life of faithful stewardship I had imagined for myself. (more…)

Inspired Mobility: Using Mobile Technology To Uplift and Inspire

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All press is good press, right?

While certain overworked celebrity publicists might disagree with the truth of that statement, it certainly holds true when “press” refers to inclusion in a national campaign highlighting the impact mobile technology can have on churches and other faith-based organizations! Which is exactly what happened to Mogiv earlier this month.

And it wasn’t even anything we did! The credit belongs entirely to our friends at Concord Church in Dallas, TX.

Concord Church has done such a great job of leveraging mobile technology at their church that they were recently featured in a campaign by a company that knows a thing or two about mobile technology: AT&T. Per AT&T’s website, their “Inspired Mobility” campaign is meant to start “a national conversation about the cultural shift in how people use mobile and Internet technology to enhance their faith experience.” It doesn’t take long to see why Concord Church was selected as the subject of the campaign. (more…)

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