Online & Email Giving

The Mogiv platform is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility, security and precision in electronic giving.

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Embedding Mogiv into your website is as easy as copy and paste

From making a one-time gift to scheduling monthly recurring gifts, donors can give anywhere they have internet access, and organizations can track their gifts in real-time!

  • Enable online, text, and email gifts of any amount
  • No software to install
  • Easily embed our giving tools directly onto your website
  • Real-time updates for both nonprofits and givers including detailed reporting
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts or appeal letters

Mogiv makes sacrificial giving
as easy as a text message

Automatic and Engaging Giving

  • Allows givers to schedule automatic gifts and reminders to give
  • Introduces the tracking of donor “sacrifices” alongside gifts through GivUp which allows donors to skip a purchase and instantly redirect the money to an organization they support
  • Subscribes givers to text or email updates about the causes they support
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