Managing Your Church’s Giving Just Got WAY Easier!

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Ring the bells! Bang the tambourines! The blessed day has finally arrived!

That’s right, after months of talking, tweaking, and testing, Mogiv‘s new and improved administrative dashboards have finally been released into polite society.

Why all the excitement? Because we love churches! And we know that bookkeepers, treasurers, finance secretaries, and business managers are some of the hardest working people on any church’s staff. So anything we can do to make these warriors’ lives easier, is a BIG WIN in our book!

Our new dashboards do just that! Here’s how…

Below is a handy summary of the changes we’re most excited about:
  • MOBILE RESPONSIVE – Your Mogiv dashboards will now display beautifully not only on laptops and desktops, but on smartphones and tablets as well.
  • BETTER VISUAL REPORTING – The homepage now contains some SUPER cool new graphs built to give you a visual picture of the giving going on at your church. Drill down by timeframe, by campaign, or by both! You can even see the percentage of your gifts coming in via text message or scheduled giving.
  • NEW TRAINING PAGE – We’ve built out our resources page to be a one-stop-shop for all of the information and resources our administrators need. From signup to setup to SUCCESS! All the tools you need are right at your fingertips.
  • BETTER WORKFLOWS – Campaign pages and reports have been optimized to match the way they are most commonly being used. Managing campaigns and viewing giver data has never been easier!

For over 6 years now, Mogiv has been helping 1,000s of people across the country give more (and more consistently) to their churches. And, while we’re proud of our lightning-fast giving options, we want to make giving just as easy for administrators as it is for givers. These new dashboards are a big step in that direction.

Stay tuned for even more exciting changes in the weeks and months ahead!


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