Stop Sending Your Givers “Across The Street!”

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Here’s a scenario for you to consider. Imagine you’re shopping at your favorite store. Since it’s your favorite, you’ve obviously been here more than once. This is a store that you know like the back of your hand. The layout, color-scheme, and branding are all extremely familiar, maybe even comforting.

You collect the items you need and head toward the front of the store, but when you arrive, instead of a checkout counter or a smiling face, you are greeted by a sign that directs you across the street to a strange and foreign kiosk where you’re asked to hand over your credit card and pay for your items.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Obviously, no business would ever put you through this. Not only is it inconvenient and disconcerting for you as a customer; the store misses out on the opportunity to add a personal touch to your shopping experience.

Why, then, is this the process that so many churches and nonprofits have settled on with their online giving?

Despite the tremendous advancements made in the world of web development, the majority of giving platforms still require organizations to send givers to generic “landing pages” to complete their gifts. Maybe there’s a logo or some familiar colors splashed on the landing page, but, as often as not, it is completely generic. At the moment where a giver SHOULD be feeling the most connected to the organization they’re supporting, they’re not even on the right website!

Not only is this a bummer for both the giver and the church, it’s not nearly as effective! Research has found that branded, integrated giving pages are 6x more effective than generic ones. Better still, donors are 31% more likely to set up a recurring gift on a branded donation page. Imagine what you could accomplish if 31% more of your donors would give consistently on a monthly basis!

It is for this very reason that Mogiv has built our platform to allow ALL of our giving tools to be embedded directly onto your church’s website. (See HERE and HERE for two great examples.) We don’t want you sending your givers “across the street” to give! One-time gifts, recurring gifts, credit card gifts, ACH gifts…your givers can do it all and they can do it all right from your website!

If you’re tired of losing website traffic and messaging opportunities every time someone clicks your “Give” button, we’d love to help you discover a better solution today. Click below to watch a demo of Mogiv. No signup fees, no subscription fees, no contracts, no risks. We make it as easy for you as we do for your givers!

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