Online Giving With Mogiv – Talking The Talk

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If you’re a Mogiv customer, you have already recognized the importance of providing your givers with a secure and convenient way to support your organization from their computers and mobile devices. But have you also done the second, even more important, part? Have you actually told those givers about it?

When it comes to online and mobile giving, getting the right technology in place is only half the battle. You also need to ensure that your donors are aware of the various options available to them.

Fortunately, we are here to help with that as well. For starters, there is a growing library of marketing tools available for download on our website. From promo cards to introductory videos, there is much here that can be helpful as you work to make electronic giving part of the culture at your organization.

Also on that page are our newly introduced “Customized Launch Plans” which are available to help get the word out to your supporters. Whether you’ve been with Mogiv for a few weeks or a few years, you may find the graphics, action steps and talking points found in these plans helpful.

And of course, in addition to all of that, we are always available to assist you “the old fashioned way” – i.e. by talking on the phone or in person about the unique needs of your organization. At Mogiv, our job doesn’t end when you sign up for an account. Rather, that’s when it begins! We are not satisfied until online and mobile giving are an integral and effective part of the giving culture at your organization.


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